128 fl oz (3.78 l). Cantrition Facts: Serving size 8 oz (236 ml). Unlimited servings per container. Nutrition Per Serving: That's up to you! 100%. Materials: 25 g hydrated (100%); 25 g motivated (100%); 25 g revitalized (100%); 25 g energized (100%). BPA free, of course! A significant source of reducing, reusing and recycling. Graphic Ingredients: Stay out of sight until you're ready to strike, this camouflage can hide you in broad daylight! Recipe: 70 oz cranberry juice; 40 oz orange juice; 20 oz lemon-lime soda; 3 oz grenadine. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Please reuse. www.coolgearinc.com. Removable spout for easy cleaning! Realtree Xtra. BPA free. Twist-off lid! Wide mouth easy to fill, great for ice. www.coolgearinc.com. www.realtree.com. Made in China.