Knorr® Homestyle Chicken Flavor with Other Natural Flavor Stock 4 ct Box

Chicken flavor with other natural flavor. Concentrated stock. 25% less sodium than our regular Knorr Chicken Flavor Homestyle Stock. No MSG added (This product contains no added monosodium glutamate beyond small amounts naturally occurring in autolyzed yeast extract). Low fat. Cholesterol free. 1 tub = 3.5 cups. This product: 560 mg sodium per serving; Regular Knorr Chicken Flavor Homestyle Stock: 750 mg sodium per serving. Take the guesswork out of seasoning your recipes when you use Knorr Homestyle Stock. Its rich and authentic taste is the foundation for any dish that's perfect for dressing up your everyday family dinners. Our carefully selected ingredients are simmered to perfection for a chef-inspired homemade tasting stock. 1 tub = 1 great recipe. Product of Mexico.