Green Clean Green Cleaning Microfiber Cloth, Glass & Windows

16 x 14 in. Makes smooth surfaces sparkle. Without chemicals. The cleaning power of microfiber. Why microfiber? The microscopic properties of microfiber allow it to attract dirt and dust particles like a magnet. Just a spritz of water is needed to clean glass, windows, LCD/plasma television screens, and other smooth surfaces, leaving them with a sparkling, streak-free finish. Premium Quality: All Quickie Green Cleaning microfiber cloths are produced from the highest quality yarn, and woven to very high densities - no less than 325 GSM (grams/sq. meter) for any of our cloths. Plus, our cloths are purposely tailored to clean specific surfaces, maximizing their effectiveness. The high nylon count in this cloth enhances water absorbtion for a streak free finish. Made in China.