Popchips Popped Potato Snack, Aged White Cheddar, Disney Star Wars, 6 Pack

Galaxy Puffs. Non GMO certified by NSF. nsfnongmo.org. Certified gluten-free. Popped with the force. Fun to eat shapes! These are the snacks you've been looking for. Every Jedi knows that boring snacks are the path to the dark side, but munching on popchips Galaxy Puffs is your first step into a larger snacking world. We found a new way to use heat to pop this light and airy snack into your favorite Star Wars shapes. They are deliciously non-GMO, gluten-free, and made with real cheese! Galaxy Puffs are the perfect on-the-go snack for fans of any age and if your eyes don't deceive you, you may even find the secret shape! But don't worry, we'd never tell you the odds. Millennium Falcon. BB8. Tie fighter. Stormtrooper. Can you find the secret shape? Hungry for more? Pop over to popchips.com. Let's chip chat! at popchips; Facebook; Twitter; Instagram; Snapchat. School nutrition approved. Guaranteed fresh and flavorful through the best before date. Any questions call: 866.217.9327. Learn more at StarWarsCheck.com.